Winterizing Tips for your Mountain Home

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11 Sep 2018
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Home Owners

These are suggestions which we don’t require of our owners. Just to use as a guideline for winterizing your home.

Outside Duties

  • Clean and store boats, dock ornaments, ladder, life jackets and ski equipment.

  • Mow the lawn one last time (if you have a lawn at your place).

  • Clean and winterize lawn mower and other gas-powered yard equipment.

  • Rake and remove leaves within at least 30 feet from your home.

  • Store fire pit decorations, emptied flower pots, drained hoses and sprinklers, and deflated water toys.

  • Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents, pipes, windows and doors; then seal leaks with caulk or insulation to keep out cold air and pests.

  • Insulate pipes in crawl spaces by wrapping them with heat tape or thermostatically- controlled heat cables; also open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to un-insulated pipes under sinks and appliances near exterior walls.

  • Clean out gutters, and inspect roof for shingles that are raised or cracked; leaking roofs and clogged gutters can lead to significant water damage.

  • Store outdoor furniture, picnic tables and hammocks.

  • Cover hose bib with insulated cover.

  • If you have an irrigation system, have it drained and shut-down.

  • Locate and inform property management where main water-shut off is, this is usually in the yard or located by driveway.

Inside Duties

  • Ensure your water shut off works and instructions

  • Set thermostat at the appropriate temperature for the region. If you heat your place in the winter, set the thermostat no lower than 55 degrees.

  • Clean furnace filter to maintain an efficient heating and cooling system and reduce the risk of fire.
    Unplug computers and appliances that will not be used in the winter.

  • Pull shades, or cover furniture to keep it from being bleached by the sun.

  • Put mothballs or dryer sheets near linens.

  • Restock and store first-aid kit.

  • Take out all perishable foods. Try to reduce any issues with bears by not keeping food in the house.

  • Check the hot water heater, make sure it’s set up for the winter.

  • Close damper for fireplace.