Ski Lease Terms

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1. Ski Leases are generally 4-6 months, with a minimum of 4 months. Start dates are the beginning of November, December, or January and end at the end of either April or May as a general rule.

2. Security Deposit is equal to 2 months of the monthly rent.

3. Written application (see obtaining ski lease tab) and credit check required, previous ski lease references and site visit required.  Please read the Obtainining a ski lease tab. 

4. Full ski lease balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.

5. An Administrative Fee of $100 will be added to your lease.

6. Pets are not allowed in any of our homes without a pet contract and permission from the owner.

7. Smoking is not allowed at any of our homes both inside and/or on the property.

8. Power and Gas are not part of the rental rate. Power and Gas are to be transferred into the tenant's name prior to lease start.

9. A guestimate of the following utilities will be collected as a fixed-rate amount at the start of lease: Cable/Satelite (if applicable), trash, internet, phone, and driveway snow removal. The payment is subject to change at the end of the lease if fixed costs are much greater than what was collected at the start of the lease.

10. Hot Tub maintenance is required on all homes with Hot Tubs by a professional service. Most homeowners require a dump and scrub at the end of the lease. Homes require a bi-monthly or monthly cleaning service. This amount is collected and paid as part of the fixed cost as noted above.

11. All tenants who are part of the ski lease in any home must be listed with name, address, email, and phone number.

12. It is a violation of our lease agreement to have guests and or guest fees charged for people not on the lease.

13. We do not supply keys to tenants after 4 pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

14. Professional carpet cleaning and deep cleaning is required on all homes at lease end.

15. All food and garbage must be properly stored due to the increasing Bear problem. Tenants are responsible for Bear break-ins when food or garbage is left out.

16. Tenants are responsible for shoveling snow from decks, walkways and stairways for every storm.

17. Keys are picked up at our office at lease start date when we receive confirmation that power and gas have been transferred into the tenant's name. The tenant must provide confirmation of the transfer by providing Liberty Energy and Southwest Gas account numbers to Tahoe Rental Company prior to lease start.

Our office is open 7 days a week to assist you with finding your ski lease for the winter.