Obtaining a Ski Lease

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How to Obtain a Ski Lease 

1. Completely fill out the rental application for each adult that will be signing the ski lease. The terms of the lease are the responsibility of the named persons on the lease, we recommend that all adult members of your group to be added onto the lease. 

Click to download the rental application. 

2. Credit report will be completed with a fee, or you may run one yourself and forward it to us. The fee for a credit report, if run by Tahoe Rental Company, is non-refundable. 

3. A short bio of your group or family is always welcome, but not required. This is nice for our owners to know who is renting their property. 

4. Please submit all information together. Each ski lease group need to be emailed as a whole. 

5. If you are selected, a lease will be produced for signature from owner and renter. 

6. A $1000 non-refundable holding deposit is required at time of lease signing. This amount will be applied to the total rent due. If you decide not to lease the property, you forfeit the holding deposit.

7. Full payment of the lease will be due 30 days prior to the lease start date. 

8. You must transfer utilities (gas and electricity) into your name for the duration of the lease, and transfer back to the owner at the end of the lease. Cable or satellite, internet, phone, garbage, and driveway snow removal, spa services (if applicable) will be part of the "fixed costs". The property owner will set up a snow removal contract for the season (if applicable). 

9. Carpet cleaning and deep cleaning of the home will be scheduled by Tahoe Rental Company at the end of the lease.

***This is general information only. Specific terms, prices, conditions, or restrictions will be noted on your lease agreement. 

Send your entire packets (Applications, bio and credit score) to info@tahoerentalcompany.com