Tahoe Area Photos

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Lake Tahoe and its surrounding area is famous for its spectacular beauty. People travel to Tahoe from all around the world to catch a glimpse of the cyrstal clear waters, granite boulders, forest setting, sandy beaches and snow capped mountains. As one of the largest and most beautiful alpine lakes in the world, photography enthusiasts continue to capture the essence of Tahoe.

After a long and dry winter, we were finally greeted with an epic storm that lasted for three days during the first 3 days of March 2018.

view of tahoe

The heat of August combined with afternoon thunderstorms makes for beautiful photo opportunities. The following photos were taken as a thunderstorm started moving into the basin at a lookout area on Mt. Rose Highway. Photos were taken by Greg Righellis on 8/1/17.

cloudy skies mixed with blue skies

Spring is here, but mother nature must work hard to bring the sunshine. These photos capture the sun trying to make an appearance between another series of Lake Tahoe storms. In the end, the sun won and we had a beautiful day.

Photos were taken...

The beauty of Lake Tahoe never ceases to amaze us. Today is just another spectacular day with crystal...