5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool in Tahoe

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30 Jul 2018
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You're so excited to get up to the mountains and enjoy the fresh air and cooler temperatures. But oh no . . . you arrive at your vacation rental only to find that it's 85 degrees outside and what feels like 100 plus degrees inside the house. "Ahh!", you think to yourself, "This isn't what I was expecting. Where's the air conditioner?" Disappointed by the high temperatures you walk around feeling tired, defeated, and sweating profusely. Well don't worry, we have a few tips to help you survive the Tahoe heat as air-conditioned homes are not very popular in the Tahoe area.

#1) Take a Dip - Go down to the lake or river and jump right in. You'll cool off immediately and feel fully rejuvenated and refreshed. And hey, isn't that why you came to Tahoe in the first place? Or take a cool shower, 3 minutes in a cool shower can really cool your core down.

#2) Let Some Fresh Air In - Open the windows at night and during the early mornings to let fresh cool air in. Don't just do it in the room you're in. Do it all throughout the house to create a cross-breeze and ventilation throughout the home. Close the windows as soon as the sun starts hitting the window or when you leave the house for the day. If there are fans in the home, even better. Turn on the fans to circulate the air. Nighttime temperatures are generally below 57 degrees, take advantage of the cool cross breezes it will keep the house cool all day.

#3) Close the Shades - That's right! It may sound strange, but closing the shades during the day can have dramatic effects on the temperature inside the home. Look, we know you want to enjoy the view, but if you're really concerned about the heat you'll want to close the shades to prevent the hot sun from coming in. A sunny window can increase the temperature in the home by several degrees.

#4) Go Outside - If you really want to relax, unwind, enjoy the fresh mountain air and cooler temperatures, go find a shady place outside to hang out. Tahoe locals know just how intense the sun here can be, so we chase the shade all day long to stay comfortable. The west shore is typically cooler than the other shores of Lake Tahoe, hiking in the shade of Sugar Pine State Park or D.L. Bliss and dipping your toes in a creek or lake are great ways to cool down and still get some time in nature.

#5) Watch What You Eat - Avoid using the oven or cooking meals that steam up the kitchen on hot days. Stick to refreshing salads or BBQ outside. Capping off the night with some ice cream never hurts either. And as always, stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water will help immensely with these hot temperatures. And remember Tahoe tap water is some of the best water you will ever drink.