Living in Tahoe | Why We Love It!

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2 May 2017
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Tahoe Lifestyle

Have you always wanted to have a truly authentic Tahoe experience? Have you ever thought about moving here, or simply wondered why people choose to live in Tahoe? Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, the skiing is epic. Yes, the beaches are spectacular. And yes, there are so many outdoor adventures to go on it makes our heads spin. But that’s not what keeps us here. It’s our strong sense of community and the way we take care of our own that makes Tahoe such a great place to be. When one of us is in need, we help. When one of us is sick, we heal. When one us runs an event, we attend. When one of us plays music, we listen. When one of us competes, we cheer. The list of ways we support each other as a community goes on and on.

Even though the crowds of visitors have left for the winter, we continue to provide events and fun activities for our community. If you want to get just a taste of the Tahoe local life, come stay with us this weekend and find yourself immersed in our community culture at one of our events, or simply head to a restaurant and talk to the owner. Love the theater? Watch our finest young performers at Truckee High School’s production of South Pacific. Love skiing and snowboarding? Head out to the 27th Annual Pond Skim at Squaw to watch us be silly and get our thrill on. Yoga more your thing? Attend the Tahoe Flow Arts Day of Healing. Want to support a local business? Celebrate Mourelato’s Greek Culture at the Glendi Greek Festival in Tahoe Vista. If you just want to relax, take a walk through a neighborhood, sit at the beach, or strike up a conversation with the locals walking by.

To live like a local, and get a truly authentic experience during your visit to Tahoe, all you need to do is talk to us and ask us questions. We’ll be sure to share some of our favorite reasons why we love Tahoe, and give you the best insider tips around.

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