Paddle Board Rentals and Tips with SUP To You Tahoe

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6 Jun 2017
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We wanted to reach out to some local experts and get some insider scoop on kayak and paddleboard rentals so we reached ou to SUP To You Tahoe, a new rental place in Tahoe that delivers the paddleboard straight to your rental, house or even the beach. You just set it up and they come and bring the board straight to you. Sup To You Tahoe is a local company and they even provide some instruction when they drop off the board. Read our interview with them below to find out more about SUP rentals and insider tips.

 Q: So first off, can you break down the rental process a little and tell us what makes you different than other rental companies?

 A: If you’d like to rent from SUP To You Tahoe, either give us a call at (530)712-4848 or visit our website ( and head over to our Reservations page and complete the reservation form. We typically answer phone calls from 6 AM to 9 PM and respond to online Reservation requests within one hour. Once we've confirmed your reservation (number of boards, date, pick-up and drop off location, etc.), you're all set. The day of your rental, we'll drop off the board(s) at the pre-determined location and go over a few important techniques and safety tips. Being that all of our boards are inflatables, we offer inflation when we drop them off at no additional cost, or leave them with you deflated in the included backpack style carrying bag. People who are located within walking distance of the lake may want to leave the boards inflated for the duration of their rental, and others might prefer to have them delivered deflated giving them the flexibility to explore different places on the lake that would be difficult to access with a traditional fiberglass paddle board. This is one of the main differences between SUP To You Tahoe and other storefront rental businesses in the area: the flexibility and ease of a.) having our paddle boards delivered to you, essentially wherever you’d like and b.) all of our paddle boards come with everything you need to get out on the water right away and it all fits in the included backpack style carrying bag so you can take it to your favorite beach, boating, on the river, to a SUP yoga class, or even to a different body of water if you’d like. Our boards are so compact when deflated, that you can easily fit two or three of them in the trunk of a small SUV and still have plenty of room for the rest of your beach stuff. We rent our paddle boards on a daily basis (one day rental = 24 hours), giving you the opportunity to take them wherever you’d like, and use them any time of day. That way, if you’re an early riser and would like to catch the sunrise, want to go for a sunset paddle, or are planning a full day of beach activities with your family, you’ll be covered. We also offer additional accessories / essentials that we’ll happily deliver with your rental including, dry bags, waterproof cell phone cases, sunscreen, chapstick, beach chairs, etc. At the end of your rental, we’ll come pick everything up. We try to make the rental process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers from start to finish.

 Q: Paddle boards, what do you tell people that have never done it before but want to try?

 A: First off, stand up paddle boarding is a great way to get out on the lake quickly, easily, and cost effectively. You can virtually be out on the water ten to fifteen minutes after we deliver your rental. There’s no waiting around for hours at the boat launches or boat inspection stations, spending hundreds of dollars on fuel, or worrying about mechanical issues. It’s very minimalistic as well; all you need is a board, paddle, life vest, and a desire to get out on the water. Aside from that it’s easy to learn, tons of fun, and excellent exercise as well.

 Q: Do you have different types of paddle boards or are they all the same?

 A: We currently offer three different models of inflatable paddle boards. Our most popular model is our 10’ Weekender. The Weekender is our any time, any place inflatable standup paddle board for the casual thrill-seeker. The size and shape of the Weekender make this board very stable and easier to balance on in flat or choppy water, making it an especially good choice for first timers, or those with minimal experience. We also offer an introductory touring SUP, the 12’ Globetrotter. This is the board for intermediate to advanced high-speed riders looking for a quicker ride through flat or choppy waters. Our third model is the 10’6” Cruiser. The Cruiser performs excellent in all water conditions and is suitable for all skill levels. Perhaps the best feature of this board is that the rental includes our Kayak Conversion Bundle. With the Kayak Conversion Bundle, you will receive a thick-cushioned neoprene kayak seat that attaches to the D-Rings on your deck pad, and an additional paddle blade to modify your standard paddle into a kayak paddle. With the Kayak Conversion Bundle, you can conveniently switch between kayak and SUP in a matter of seconds. We are happy to help you choose a board as well, and additional information can be found the Our Boards page of our website.

 Q: Are there any exercises or skills someone should practice before going paddle boarding for the first time?

 A: Like most sports, stand up paddle boarding requires some degree of physical fitness. While having a strong core and good balance may help you catch on quicker, we find that just about anyone can pick it up within the first hour or two.

 Q: What are some of the best times to get out on Lake Tahoe?

 A: This varies daily. Most people enjoy paddling the most when the lake is flat. Typically, the least windy parts of the day are in the morning and late afternoon / early evening. Personally, I love going out during either sunrise or sunset, as it’s usually quite calm, there typically aren’t a lot of people on the lake, and it’s a beautiful time of day. Renting from us will give you the ability to go out on the lake whenever works best for you.

Q: Do you suggest a wetsuit or is it warm enough once you get going?

A: Although the water in Tahoe is quite cold for most of the year, it warms up enough in the summer months to where most people don’t find a wetsuit necessary.

Q: Where is a good place to go that you can do in say a 2 hour trip?

A: Although paddle boarding anywhere on Lake Tahoe is a wonderful experience, some of our favorite places / trips are:

-Kings Beach to Speedboat Beach: Head East from Kings Beach, CA towards the CA/NV state line. Along the way you’ll pass the historic Brockway Hot Springs Resort.

-Sand Harbor to Thunderbird Beach / Lodge: Head South from Sand Harbor down Lake Tahoe’s beautiful East Shore. This ride is highlighted with crystal clear waters and giant boulders strewn across the white sand lake bottom.

-D.L. Bliss State Park: This is a great launch point for access to exploring Lake Tahoe’s quieter West Shore. You can choose to head North towards Meeks Bay, or, if you’re looking for a lengthier paddle mission, head South to world famous Emerald Bay. Keep in mind, though, the popularity of Emerald Bay can cause the waters to be very choppy and be quite challenging for beginners.

Q: What types of kayaks do you rent out, do I need a rack on my car to get it to the beach?

A: At this point in time, the only kayak option we have is the 10’6” Cruiser with the Kayak Conversion Bundle. We consider this to be a great alternative to renting a traditional kayak as it gives you the option to switch between SUP and kayaking in a matter of minutes. The adjustable kayak seat lays flat when not in use so that you can comfortably SUP without it getting in the way. The extra blade is stored in the front bungee cord area for easy access, so when the water gets choppy you’re ready to take a seat.

For more information about SUP To You Tahoe or to order your paddle boards you can contact them via the web: