Home Owner Testimonials

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At Tahoe Rental Company we strive to maintain close relationships with our home owners while working diligently to assure each home is taken care of.  We not only work with you to build the best rental property possible, but we are also here to help with all matters pertaining to your home.  We understand that having a second home can be overwhelming at times, especially in Tahoe with hazerdous winter weather conditions.  As a local company, we are here 24 hours a day to assist you with unforseen problems such as broken pipes, flooded basements, broken appiances, etc.  
"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you have been doing so far in looking after the Panorama Drive property. We have been presented with a very unusual, difficult situation which I know has not been easy for you to deal with. You have always been very responsive and committed to the house and me as well as my family in unraveling details as well as handling matters. I wished to take this time to thank you for the attention that you have focused on making sure that we feel secure in your hands and please know that I have the utmost confidence and trust in you and your capabilities." - Katy H., Baltimore, MD
"I wanted to drop you a line to commend her [Cindy] on her tenacity and work ethic. I was extremely surprised when she told me the work she did to mitigate each issue.  Flood - she found the issue, notified me very quickly, helped me find people to repair.  Coordinated a million contractors to come in to estimate, etc. Heat - at the same time, the heat went out. She had a contractor repair the next day, and purchased heaters for the tenants, which lead to an excellent review. She met me at the house on a Sunday, when she was very sick.   She is a great asset, and I feel so comfortable being 3 hours away with her managing things." - Soumil A., Concord, CA
"Thank you Cindy and the team at TRC! Knowing our home is in good hands means a lot when you're over 6,000 miles away!" - Jim G., Argentina