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What Ebikes do we carry?

We have a fleet of 10 Focus Jam2 Electric Mountain Bikes. They are Class 1 250Watt Pedal assist mountain bikes that have assistance up to 20 mph. They are 6 inch travel aggressive modern mountain bikes. They utilize the Shimano steps motor and 380 Kilowatt/hour battery packs good for 25 miles and 4000 feet of climbing. An additional battery pack can be added to double the range!

Ebikes are fun!

Mountain biking is a booming sport and ebiking is the newest form of it. No longer are the long miserable climbs necessary. Then the bikes handle incredibly well downhill having you riding with supreme comfort on plush suspension and large plus tires. Our ebikes allow people of any fitness levels enjoy the fun of mountain biking in beautiful Lake Tahoe.


We have a mobile trailer called a Huckwagon that carries 10 bikes. We deliver and pick up your ebike at your home, hotel, air bnb, campsite, or meet you at the trailhead. We are mobile and very flexible! Contact us today set up a rental or reservation for your next vacation in the Lake Tahoe Area. RENTALS START AT $100/day