Balloon Ride over Lake Tahoe

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The adventure begins shortly after sunrise (approximately 5:15AM - 6:45AM) when balloon conditions are the best and the natural beauty of this alpine setting is revealed. Our guests meet us at the Tahoe Keys Marina (click for directions) where they board the Tahoe Flyer, the worlds only U.S.C.G. certified balloon launch and recovery vessel. While cruising to the designated launch site on Lake Tahoe a deluxe continental breakfast is served onboard.  

Once we have reached the designated launching site, we begin the fascinating process of the balloon inflation right from the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer. Guests have the opportunity to observe our experienced crew as they prepare the hot air balloon for flight. Once the balloon has been inflated, guests join us on the upper deck where we begin boarding.  

Lift off! Gently the balloon lifts off the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer taking our guests high above Lake Tahoe into the fresh alpine air. From lake level to magnificent panoramic views, your experienced and knowledgeable pilot acts as your guide and welcomes questions from you and fellow adventurers while pointing out local points of interest and Tahoe’s extraordinary beauty. Enjoy views of Emerald Bay, the second most photographed spot in the U.S., Fallen Leaf Lake, Cascade Lake and the Desolation Wilderness. On many days, visibility even allow for views of peaks in Yosemite and the coastal foothills over 150 miles away!  

The flight concludes with an impressive landing on the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer where our crew catches and deflates the balloon. To celebrate this once in a lifetime experience the pilot, crew and our guests enjoy a traditional champagne toast with plenty of champagne, mimosas and snacks while cruising back to the Marina. 

Please allow approximately 4 hours for the entire trip.