TRC Accidental Damage Waiver

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The TRC Damage Waiver covers guests for the cost of repairs or the cost to replace items at the property for COVERED ACCIDENTAL damages up to $1000. Coverage is provided to you and all travelers under your rental agreement during your trip provided you are listed on the rental agreement. 

Types of damages that are covered by the waiver are:

  • A juice stains on the carpet if Tahoe Rental Company is notified immediately.
  • Water rings left on the nightstand.
  • Broken lamp that was accidentaly knocked over.
  • Broken glasses, dishes, wine glasses

Types of loss/damages that are NOT covered by the waiver are:

Intentional acts of gross negligence during your stay. Examples include:

  • Pet stains, cleanup, or damage if the pet was not approved to stay at the property.
  • Damages, stains, spills as a result of excessive partying or extra guests at the property.
  • Intention or neglectful situations such as but not limited to leaving windows and doors open for bear or wildlife access
  • Any fire/burn related damages as smoking and fires are not permitted on the property.
  • Extra cleaning charges made by housekeeping (excessive laundry, trash on exterior of property, departure instructions not followed correctly, etc).
  • Any damage that occurs if you are violation of the lease agreement.
  • Damage caused by any person other than you or your traveling companions with whom you are sharing to property in occordinance of the lease agreement.
  • Damages incurred at the property but not reported to Tahoe Rental Company prior to departure.

* Note: The staff of Tahoe Rental Company determines whether damages are accidental, acts of negligence, or violations of the rental agreement.

If you incurr accidental damages during your stay, your duties include:

  • Take all reasonable, necessary steps to protect the property and prevent further damage to it.
  • Notifying the staff at Tahoe Rental Company immediately.
  • If a spill/stain is involved notify the office immediately so arrangements for clean up can be made.

* Note: The TRC Damage Waiver only applies if you notify the staff at Tahoe Rental Company of damages immediately and before your departure.

If you decide not to purchase the TRC Damage Waiver you agree to submit a Security Deposit of $3000. This security deposit will be held in a brokers trust account and, if there are no damages to the property, will be returned within 21 days, by law, after your departure.