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12/18/2018 - 6:00pm
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Squaw Valley is hosting the Truckee Theatre's plays for the holidays. ACT ONE is based on the classic holiday movie with a clever twist thrown in: the story is staged as a live radio broadcast! Actors portray numerous characters, and sound effects are done by Foley artists. It’s a Wonderful Life is about the life of George Bailey, a generous and well-meaning man who has become downcast and tired of life. It will take a lovable angel to show George what life would be like if he hadn’t been born, leading George to have a change of heart and understand the true spirit of the holidays.

Then, gadzooks!!! A Christmas Chaos takes the stage in ACT TWO. The Royal Shakespeare Company hasn’t arrived as promised to perform their stirring rendition of “A Christmas Carol.” So our intrepid band of hapless actors and technicians must put together their own production in only seven hours! Christmas Chaos is a hilarious backstage comedy that pokes fun at the classic novel and everything that can go wrong with a theatrical production.

  • Pre-Show Reception starts at 6pm
  • Doors open at 6:30pm
  • Show starts at 7pm
Ticket Prices
  • Adult (18+): $25 Performance only | $40 Performance plus Pre-Show Reception
  • Child (5-17): $15 Performance only | $30 Performance plus Pre-Show Reception
  • 4 & Under: FREE
  • Tickets available mid-October and are non-refundable
It’s A Wonderful Life & Christmas Chaos Pre-Show Reception

Raise a glass of cheer with these special tickets! In addition to the show, this package includes a preview performance with a reception featuring champagne, beer, wine, specialty non-alcoholic beverages, and gourmet holiday hors’d’ouvres. This upgrade allows guests to get extra cozy by the fire in the lavishly decorated Merry Wonderland as well as prime choice of seating for the show!