North Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Opening Dates

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14 Sep 2021
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Tahoe Lifestyle

It's the time of year in Tahoe when the local energy shifts from wanting another warm and sunny afternoon, to getting psyched for the snow to fall. You wake up in Tahoe, look out the window, and start to see beautiful snow-capped mountains and frost on your windshield. You notice that conversations have stopped being about your last kayak trip, but have shifted to where you got your season pass. When you go to the local Tahoe bar, you now see snowboard videos playing, notice warm drinks on the menu, and hear everyone making bets about when the first big snow dump will be. You hear little whispers about the ski resort battle to see who will open first. You make sure you have a shovel in your car, and that your snow blower is working. You decide to say goodbye to your summer clothes and pull out the winter sweaters, scarfs, and jackets. This is just a small glimpse into what it's like to be in Tahoe right before the start of the snowy season. 

That's right, the Tahoe area ski resorts will be opening in just a few weeks and it's time to get ready! Do you have your season pass yet? Do you have your gear? Do you know when the local ski swap will be held? Do your ski or snowboard pants still fit? Do you know when the resorts are opening? Have you booked your Tahoe Vacation Rental yet? Make sure to join the locals in getting ready for the start of the season. We love the positive energy that you bring to the area and can't wait to see you on the slopes!

Tahoe Area Ski Resorts Scheduled Openings (weather dependent):

Nov. 6 - Mt. Rose Ski Resort
Nov. 24 - Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows
Nov. 29 - Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
Nov. 19 - Northstar California
Dec. 12 - Homewood Mountain Resort